Our Approach to
Working with You

When we first started out, the two key focuses were on building and customer service, and that’s how we still run things today.

Yep, we’ve definitely gained more experience, increased our skills, and put much more emphasis on worker safety and wellbeing, than years ago. But our approach to working with customers still remains simple, straight up and personal.

The building industry might look different to 20 years ago; there’s definitely lots more people giving it a crack and an increase in house and land companies. But, throughout all these changes, we’ve stayed true to ourselves. We’ve always kept our focus to its core - at the end of the day we’re builders not marketers, that’s just who we are.

Simple Process

We don’t like to over complicate things. Our process is simple. We start with a coffee and a chat, then we work with you throughout the whole project. There’s no surprises.  We use technology where it adds value, but never let it get in the way of the personal touch.  

You’ll always know the progress of your build as we’re in contact often and we meet with you on site. You don’t need to rely on a piece of paper to tell you.  Being involved in your own project every step of the way should be part of the fun!

Straight Up Communication

We’re honest, upfront and still value personal conversations. While email has its place and purpose, you won’t see us firing off emails all over the show, when a chat with you would achieve more.

You’ll get to work with us, the owners of the business and the builders. Deal with the same person throughout your build and enjoy consistency, transparency and accountability.  And a great relationship! We build great relationships with our customers and often enjoy a drink with them on completion.  To us the only award, oops we mean reward, we need is a happy customer.

Personal Selection

This is our business and we’re responsible for it. That’s why we’re choosy when it comes to our team. The team represents us so must fit our mould.  When you work with us, we know who the builders are as we have personally chosen them. You will get consistency across the build. We don’t outsource our labour.

When it comes to our subbies, they are all handpicked as we need to personally know those working on our projects. Most of them are owner/operators too so have their own reputations to protect.

Being consistent with our group of ‘doers’ means we can hand on heart deliver quality and reliability every time.

The Full Monty

We work with you from the start of the project through to the end. Our experience and skills mean we can give creative solutions at the planning stage. We’re also really flexible throughout the build. And it’s not just building the home itself, we can do all the finishing touches too such as decks, fences and hard landscaping.   This means you can work with one company for all of it.

And of course it goes without saying that we’re Licensed Building Practitioners. We’re also a member of New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) and have been since 2013.

We Fit Into Your Day-to-Day Plans

Life is busy. Everyone has their own routines and responsibilities. It’s different for everyone. It might be getting the kids to school in the morning, or taking the dog for a walk, or minding the grandkids, or working from home, or volunteering, or keeping an eye on your elderly parents in the front house.  Whatever it is, it’s your day-to-day life.

We’re builders that get that, after all, we’re human too with families and commitments.

We fit into your day-to-day plans whatever they are. We do what we can to make your building project as straight forward and stress free as possible.

Our Philosophy

The way we live and work is focused on Honesty, Reliability, Respect, Conversation and People.

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