What Are Your Life Plans?

Building your
dream home,
adding or altering?

You’ve worked out your next move. You’ve got an idea on what would be best for your age and stage in life. You’ve made a decision based on your financial goals, personal situation or both.

We’ll work with you to build a home that’s just right for your life plans and no one else’s. We understand you are unique and your life plans are specific to you. That’s why you won’t find a templated plans section on our website.

Building your dream home?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first home, another home or your forever home, you just want this home to be super special! We get that.  We’ll work with you through the whole process from the first cup of coffee to discuss plans, right through to handing over the keys.

We like working with our customers to share our ideas, creativity and solutions where we can add value, and often this can save money too.  You’ll get a custom-built home with all the spaces and features that make the home perfect for you.

Purchasing a home to renovate?

You’ve fallen in love with the location of the property, but the house can do with some work! You’ve got a ‘vision’ of what you want to do. No problem. We can help.  

Reno’s can sometimes throw up the unexpected or involve tricky situations, but that’s fine with us. We’ve got lots of experience in this space and our knowledge and problem-solving skills means we can come up with creative ideas to get what you’re after.  

All renovations are different and for some, you might still be living in other areas of the house while building work is taking place. Our team have worked in these situations before and do so in a respectful way. We’re friendly, down to earth, reliable and trustworthy. And you won’t have strangers in your house as each of the builders are ours, we don’t outsource our labour.

Adding a second dwelling to your property?

There’s a few reasons you might want to add a second dwelling to your property…

·  A home for your elderly parents so you can all be together, but with your own space
·  A guest home for when friends and family stay
·  A property for rental – long term or Air B&B
·  A second home as you’re subdividing and might also be downsizing
·  A separate space for the growing teenagers
·  A separate home office.

The reason is totally yours and is no doubt based on your life plans. We can build to that.

Making improvements to your current home?

You love the location where you live and your home. Well, most of it... but you’re wanting to make some changes to rooms inside or spaces outside.  We can work with you to transform or makeover your place.  Whether its rooms, fences, decks or hard landscaping we can help you achieve what you’re looking for!

We’ll work with you to understand what you’re wanting to get from the changes. We’ll talk about design, style, layout and the practical must-haves. Then we’ll share our suggestions and together come up with what will work best for you, your home and your budget.

You’re not limited to what you can restyle in your home either. Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Lounge, Bedrooms, Outdoor Space – the choice is up to you!

And sometimes, the changes get forced on you due to the unforeseen happening and you have to make an insurance claim. We can help in this situation too.

Building your investment portfolio?

You’re looking to grow your investment portfolio and you might do that in a few different ways:

·  Purchase a property to renovate and then sell for profit
·  Purchase some land and then build on it
·  Purchase a property, for the land and location, then demo the current property and build a new home or homes
·  Purchase a property and subdivide
·  Purchase a property and add multiple dwellings to the property.

We can build your home or homes to help you achieve this growth in your portfolio. As well as building homes, we also have experience building groups of townhouses. See here

Want the Finishing Touches?

If you want to finish off your project with things like fences, decks and hard landscaping then we can do this for you too.  Just let us know.

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